one page doubled space.

| May 8, 2018

Purpose:Become familiar with current/relative issues taking place in Human Resources.Assignment DirectionsSelect a topic that is related to this class (topics covered within the course text (Lussier) or topics I have mentioned in class.  This should allow a wide range of possible HR related articles and topics.Possible areas:  Recruitment, Turnover, Company Culture, Company Vision/Mission, Employee Benefits, etc.Find a related article of an area of interest to you.After reading and analyzing the article, provide:A 1 page double spaced summary:Write an executive summary of the key points/issues of the article in the first approx. 1/3 of the page.Then, give your input/opinion regarding the articles key points.  Do you agree/disagree? What might the implications be if the key points from the article are, or will be enacted. The assignment is worth up to 100 points.Submit both a copy of the article (or link) and your written paper to Blackboard in Week 4 Make sure it is all in one document, e.g. if you submit an electronic copy of the article include it with your paper in one document.

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