Nursing Research & Practice

| February 14, 2018

Nursing Research & PracticeThemes and FindingsObjectives:Review 3 nursing peer-reviewed journal articles from the University Library published within the past 5 years that relate to your practice. The journal articles must share a common theme.Write a 350 word summary in the discussion area below of:The common themeThe main findingsHow will this affect your practiceInclude a reference list.Format your reference list consistent with APA guidelines.Be prepared to discuss the findings in the discsussion section.Another discussion question:Compare and contrast the Stetler and Iowa Models for EBP change… Give examples of when each could be utilized in practice settings.This is the textbook that the class is using: Burns, N., & Grove, S. K. (2011). Understanding nursing research: Building an evidence-based practice(5th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Saunders Elsevier.This is the textbook from my prior class, Statistics in case you wanted to use that for any referencing.Bennett, J. O., Briggs, W. L., & Triola, M .F. (2009). Statistical reasoning for everyday life (3rd ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson Education.

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