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| March 14, 2016

Question”>Week 7 Assignment 1: Leadership Book Review (W7A1) (Click here to submit) Attached Files:″>”> NB455 Book Review Grading Rubric.pdf (408.238 KB)
The assignment for this week is “Leadership Book Review” brief paper.

The purpose of this assignment is to encourage the student to read a non-nursing book that is relevant to leadership and course objectives.
The student needs to discuss the aspects of the book that made it relevant to leadership, course objectives, and what leadership skills learned from the book.
The goal is to encourage students to learn leadership skills or qualities from areas and disciplines other than nursing that can be applied to nursing practice.
The student will write 2-4 page summary paper using the following criteria:
Book Review Paper Grading Criteria Guidelines



Points Earned

Relevancy of the book: Choose a non-nursing book that relates to the objectives of this course (Relevant to Leadership and Management) and Read it! And write a brief overview of the book. (no children books, You can check with the instructor for appropriateness of the book)


Fully explain your reason for choosing this book and how it relates to the objectives of this course.


Summarize the content of the book so any reader could fully understand the content and purpose of the book.


Identify two points related to leadership you learned from reading the book.


Write your opinion regarding the clarity, ease of reading, and helpfulness of this book in enhancing your knowledge about leadership.


Book review writing style is neat and consistent with the Herzing University “grading rubric for written assignment” as described in this syllabus.


-Use APA format

-2-4 pages excluding, cover page, and references.

-No abstract needed



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