NURSING 250 – Nursing care of the child with an endocrine problem

| August 31, 2017

Nursing care of the child with an endocrine problem. Aellai Gianopoulos, 13 years old, is brought to the clinic by her mother, who states that Aellai is losing her hair. Vital signs are as follows: T 98.4 F, HR 85,R 15, BP 121/78, Height is 64 in, and weight is 81.5 kg. Aellai has an olive complexion marred by acne, large brown eyes, long black hair that is very thin on the top of her head. Her breasts are small and she has an abundance of hair on her arms and legs. She reached puberty approximately 6 months ago.

(a) What other information should the nurse gather in the health history?

(b) What laboratory tests would the nurse expect to be ordered for Aellai?

(c) What should the nurse include in the teaching plan for Aellai and her family?

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