| June 11, 2016

Final Project
Final Project Grading Rubric can be found in the Document Sharing Link

Develop a Marketing Plan for a New Business/Service.

This project will start you thinking about Marketing in a practical sense. You will gain experience formulating a plan, learning how each part is dependent on one another. You will gain some introspection and perhaps direction for the future. In fact you may want to build on this exercise throughout your life in preparation for earning a job after graduation.

Develop the following elements of the Marketing planning process:

A mission statement
A SWOT analysis
A description of the target market
A positioning strategy
A brief outline of the Marketing mix strategies:
The product
Distribution and
Promotion strategies that satisfy the objectives and address the target market.
Contents must include:

Title page
Executive Summary One page only
Conclusions and recommendations
References (7-8) APA format Use of higher level reference materials is required, e.g. ProQuest (WSJ,Bloomberg) (Note: Wikipedia is -not- an acceptable reference.)
End of Week 1, Submit the proposal for Approval and justify your choice.
Wait for Acceptance

End of Week 2, submit a One page draft for feedback


1.How many pages? A -minimum- of thirteen pages including: Title Page, Table of Contents, References

2.What is APA format? The library and writing center have APA materials. ( see crib sheet in the document sharing link)

3.What are acceptable research materials? They are the research of secondary sources that provide the skeleton for your project. It is comprised of research in the areas of mass media; company, organizational and industrial materials; and academic journals and research. Solely using TV or People magazine is not acceptable. The use of ProQuest® Online will make this literature review substantially easier. If you do not know how to use the system, please speak to the librarians who are more than willing to assist students in learning to do higher level research.

4.May I turn in my project late? No! Late papers will not be accepted.

5.What if I don’t participate? Then you lose the point allocation.

Click on the “Week Four Assignment” link above to submit your assignment, as well to get more information regarding the due date and grading rubric.

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