| June 7, 2016

Question 1

A make-to-order operation would be primarily concerned with:

Question 2

Identify the correct statement from the given choices.

Question 3

An important lesson from the Hayes and Wheelwright product-process matrix is:

Question 4

The type of processing system that has high product variety and medium capital investment is:

Question 5

An example of a business/industry that uses batch flow and makes to stock is:

Question 6

Under lean, the ROI is increased by:

Question 7

Lean emphasizes all of the following except:

Question 8

With regards to suppliers, lean systems typically require:

Question 9

Reducing setup time is important because it:

Question 10

The ideal setup time for a lean system is:

Question 11

The time it takes a container to complete an entire circuit consists of:

Question 12

Reduction of setup time is accomplished by separating internal and external setups and:

Question 13

The market-pull view of new product innovation is to:

Question 14

Which of the following is not part of the new-product development process?

Question 15

Process design:

Question 16

Design for manufacturing involves:

Question 17

A large office that has a typing pool, a copying department, and all the managers in a large suite of offices is an example of:

Question 18

A company makes necklaces with attached letters. Department A manufactures the necklace chains and letters ahead of demand. Department B assembles the necklaces when orders are received. Departments A and B are, respectively:

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