| June 12, 2016

Question 1

The Baldrige Award criteria emphasize all of the following EXCEPT:

Question 2

Inventory decisions and control systems involve:

Question 3

Costs of inspectors, testing, testing equipment, and labs are examples of:

Question 4

The essence of operations management can be described by:

Question 5

The four elements that form the heart of operations strategy include:

Question 6

The four common objectives of operations are:

Quality, cost, delivery, and flexibility

Question 7

Another term used for operations objectives is:

Question 8

A decision has been made that suppliers will be chosen based on quality rather than cost. This is an example of which of the following?

Question 9

Which operations objective does the author suggest as the basis for improvement in the other operations objectives?

Question 10

According to Michael Porter, the generic types of business strategies include:

Question 11

A global corporation has which of the following characteristics?

Question 12

Mean time between product failures:

Question 13

A product’s conformance to specifications:

Question 14

The four decision areas in operations management are:

Question 15

The quality cycle:

Question 16

Which of the following is NOT part of the quality trilogy that Juran advocates?

Question 17

________ is a combination of reliability and maintainability.

Question 18

Which of the quality gurus advocated that organizations should drive out fear from the employees?

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