nonverbal communication

| September 16, 2020

Revise  the following paragraph, improving it without changing its overall  meaning. Pay particular attention to the use of nonstandard English and  statements with inappropriate style and tone.

Fashion make people  do crazy things. Like, girls go around everywhere showing off their  piercings. Fifteen years ago, folks was just as willing to show it off.  Guys was wearin they pants so low that they underpants showed. A few  years before that and girls was puttin’ so much hairspray in they hair  that it stuck right up on end. Between that and the blue eye shadow, I  don’t know how they ever thought they looked good. You would think that  would be the last of it, but no. Now we’ve got boys and girls piercing  theyselves everywhere. Have you seen the latest? They put earrings in  they eyebrows, like, yeah, even in they foreheads! And if that’s now  enough, you got even the pretty girls getting tattoos. Not just hearts  on secret places, no now these girls are getting they names written in  cursive on they legs and arms! Of course, extensive evidence exists of  body piercing by both sexes being practiced worldwide since ancient  times in nomadic as well as static cultures. Documentation of ear and  nose piercing is well represented in historical records and grave goods  going back more than five thousand years. I don’t know what to think. At  least in my day the paint wore off! Sure, when I was young I frosted my  hair and wore short skirts. But, I never pierced nothin! I sure hope  these kids move on to something else before they set all the metal  detectors in town off. I don’t know how they get on airplanes. In a 2005  survey of 10,503 people in England over the age of 16, researchers  found that 1,049 (approximately 10%) had body piercings in places other  than the earlobe. Women aged 16 to 24 were heavily represented in that  demographic (46.2%). Oh well. Who knows what they gonna come up with  next.

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