| February 1, 2016

Develop a Strategic Marketing Plan for Nokia

II. Market-Targets and Objectives
The market target may be defined demographically (key characteristics only), geographically, or in social/economic terms. Each market target should have needs and wants that differ to some degree from other targets. These differences may be with
Respect to types of products purchased, use situation, frequency of purchase, and other variations that indicate a need to alter the positioning strategy to fit the needs and wants of each target. An objective is a quantified goal identifying what is expected when. It specifies the end results expected. The objectives should be written for each target market. Objectives should also be included for the following program components: (1) product,
(2) Price, (3) distribution, (4) promotion (salesforce, advertising, sales promotion, and public relations), and (5) technical services.

III. Positioning Statements

Write statements that describe how you want each market target to perceive each product relative to competition. State the core concept used to position the product (brand) in the eyes and mind of the targeted buyer. The positioning statement should
describe : (1) What criteria or benefits the customer considers when buying a product along with the level of importance, (2) What we offer that differentiates our product from competition, and (3) The limitations of competitive products.

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