Negotiation Analysis Paper

| February 14, 2016

Negotiation Analysis Paper
You are required to write a paper on a “real-world” negotiation episode in which you are directly involved or that you have observed closely. This negotiation can be about anything you like; however, it needs to be a real negotiation. You can negotiate for a good or service from a merchant, a salary or bonus from your employer, or a change or a discount from a service provider, etc. Be creative! But please do not tell the other party that this negotiation is for a class assignment until the negotiation is complete.

After you negotiate, you will write a 5-7 page description of the negotiation. You will include in your paper how you prepared for your negotiation, an analysis of your negotiation strategy, the description of the negotiation process, and whether the desired outcome was achieved. This paper should not be a mere list (e.g. bullet points); rather, it needs to be a thorough analysis and a summary of your preparation, negotiation process, and outcome. The following can give you some inspiration for your paper:

• Who controlled the negotiation, and how did they do this?
• What were the critical factors that affected the negotiation?
• How did your emotions influence your negotiation?
• What did you learn about yourself in this experience?
• What did you learn about others’ negotiation behaviors?
• What did you learn about negotiations and conflict resolutions?
• If you could go back, what would you change, or how would you behave to negotiate more effectively?

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