NC BUSM1150 week 5 dsicussions

| November 24, 2016


Steps 1 – Since you are a potential target customer of many vendors, let’s have you consider your own marketing-related traits. Describe yourself in terms of:

· Demographics

· Geographic

· Psychographics

· Lifestyle considerations

Step 2 – Then, consider a noteworthy item you tend to buy. Talk about how your demographics, psychographics, etc. play into the successful marketing of that kind of product to you, and how it’s manifest through marketing efforts. For example, if you are an avid video game player, and you subscribe to a video game magazine, are there video game companies who are marketing to you off of the magazine subscriber list?
Step 3 – Finally, to show the connection between target markets and marketing efforts, go to the mailing list broker next mark”> (Links to an external site.) Type in a keyword or phrase that matches what you considered in step 2 in my hypothetical example it might be “video games”. See what comes up in terms of mailing lists that could reach people like you. Click on one of those mailing list choices and read the description. Describe the results of the search and the list you selected.


This week you will be taking a ‘virtual field trip.’ That’s my fancy name for saying you’ll be doing some Internet research.

Go to the Marriott”> (Links to an external site.)

1. Click on the link at the bottom of the screen for “Explore Our Brands.” This will provide you with a list of all the varieties of Mariott hotels (make sure you scroll down the entire screen as the number of brands is extensive!)

2. Pick one of those properties and click on its link. Once at the property’s site, read about it. Most have additional information, virtual tours and the like that will provide a complete description.

3. Then (and this is the really important part), in this discussion board, talk about who the targeted customers for that property would most likely be. Discuss your interpretations using demographic, psychographic, geographics, and lifestyle characteristics. (Make sure you are using good marketing-oriented language to describe the potential targets)

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