national LAW304 assignment 3

| August 31, 2016

L.B. foster invited Tie and TrAck systems Inc. to submit price quotes on items to be used in a railroad expansion project. tTie and Track responded by email on August 1, 2006, with prices for 9 items of steel ties. The email concluded, “the above prices are delivered/terms of payment-to be agreed/We hope you are successful with your bud.
If you require any additional information please call.” Just 3 of the 9 items listed in Tie and Track’s price quote were “accepted” by the project. LB Foster demanded that Tie and Track provide the items at the price listed in the quote. Tie and Track refused LB Foster sued for breach of contract. Did the august 11 email constitute an offer, acceptance of which could bind the supplier to contract? If so, was there a valid acceptance? (LB Foster v Tie and Track Systems inc. 2009

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