music strategy action field

| January 4, 2016

music strategy action field
Deadline for submission: January 4th 2016 – 3.00 pm

Word limit: 2000 words

Format: Essay-style
Task: The purpose of this task is to provide you with an opportunity to critically and creatively examine the notion of ‘strategy’. In order to do this, you will be:

drawing on the material to which you have been introduced in the lectures;

connecting this with the textbook and your own additional reading from independent research; and,

applying this to analyse the strategic field you have been investigating with your seminar group.

To complete this task you must adopt the position of an actor in your assigned strategic field and critically evaluate the strategic problems this actor faces in that field. In order to do this you must:

Introduce the strategic field

Describe how your actor is positioned within that field

Consider the strategic priorities as defined by the actor

Advance an interpretation of what strategic problems this actor faces

Using concepts and frameworks introduced in this course to analyse these problems

On the basis of your analysis conclude with a critical evaluation of the notion of strategy

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