Music/ Nat King Cole

| February 7, 2016

Music/ Nat King Cole
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Research paper on Nat King Cole

– describe and analyze (very detailed)
Whoever starts writing this paper please advise them I will notupload any material. Use online research as well as any book they may find, e-books arefine. Thank you, Maia
– analyze his career through his music, go through his albums and summarize (in detail) all of his musical career. comment on his music and how it is heard, what is different between albums all whilst continuing to narrate his career. Remember you must say why he is your favorite artist and what you most like about him so please WHOEVER IS WRITING THIS PAPER MUST BE AN EXPERT IN MUSIC/NAT KING COLE.
Please do not copy and paste. Furthermore I need it to be personal, if you haven’t listened to him or do not like him this will be a problem as I need you to tell me why he is your favorite artist. This is what the whole paper is about.
– Listen to his music/ analyze his career.
– why is he your favourite artist? what musical aspect?
– take basically all of the personal stuff out a part from things you can tie into with the musical part of what you’re saying
– no simple sentences. I want a well-written paper.

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