MSSU Gb320/MSSU Gb320 Week 3 quiz 3

| March 14, 2016


Question 1

“Which of the following takes place during the third phase of the 3-x-3 writing process?

Edit the message to make sure it is clear, conversational, concise, and readable.

Proofread the message for spelling, grammar, punctuation, names, numbers, and formatting errors.

Evaluate the message to decide whether it will achieve its purpose.

All of these choices

Question 2

“Which of the following statements about anticipating and profiling your audience is most accurate?

If you don’t actually know your readers, it is impossible to picture what they are like.

Messages to management and decision makers may be the easiest to write.

You will adjust your tone, style, and content to accommodate the expectations and needs of your audience.

You should profile your primary audience only.

Question 3

“How can one become a better business writer?

Follow a systematic process such as the 3-x-3 writing process.

Study models of successful business messages.

Practice writing a variety of business messages.

Do all of these choices.

Question 4

“Sharon is trying to decide whether to call her boss or to send an e-mail message. Sharon is in the first phase of the writing process.



Question 5

“Which of the following statements about the 3-x-3 writing process is most accurate?

Experienced writers usually spend the most time on the third phase of the writing process.

The steps of the writing process must always be followed in order.

The 3-x-3 writing process is useful only for longer, more complex documents.

The writer decides whether a document achieves its purpose in the first phase of the writing process.

Question 6

“Which of the following sentences does not show gender bias?

Two policemen will provide security for our awards banquet.

Every flight attendant must submit her security clearance card before boarding.

All managers and their wives are invited to Friday’s cocktail party.

The servers at Circa are always professional.

Question 7

“Giorgio is writing an e-mail message to a customer to tell him that the customer’s order has been shipped. His primary purpose is to




promote goodwill

Question 8

“You want to maintain a positive tone in an e-mail message you are writing to your colleagues about an upcoming event. What should you do?

Spotlight audience benefits.

Cultivate the “”you”” view.

Sound conversational but professional.

All of these choices

Question 9

“Profiling the audience means anticipating how both primary and secondary audiences will react to a message.


False .

Question 10

“The best business writing is purposeful, persuasive, audience oriented, and




feelings oriented

Question 11

“Employee evaluations should contain

an assessment of traits such as a person’s reliability.

negative statements about the employee even if they cannot be substantiated.

information about specific incidents, such as “”working effectively with a team to produce a ten-page proposal.””

All of these choices

Question 12

“The primary purpose of messages that explain procedures, announce meetings, answer questions, or transmit findings is to



promote goodwill.


1 points

Question 13

“Determining whether a message will be transmitted by e-mail or delivered in person is part of

selecting the appropriate audience for the message.

using the correct tone for the message.

adapting a message to the audience.

selecting an appropriate form or channel for the message.

Question 14

“Your virtual team is working on several shared documents. You want to use a communication channel that will allow all team members to add, remove, and edit digital content easily. Your best choice is

a wiki.

a blog.


a text message.

Question 15

“The third phase of the writing process involves revising, proofreading, and evaluating your message.



Question 16

“What should you do to avoid copyright infringement?

Assume that nearly everything created privately and originally after 1989 is copyrighted and protected.

Realize that Internet items are not in the public domain.

Ask for permission to use copyrighted materials.

All of these choices

Question 17

“Which sentence best illustrates the “”you”” view?

Our walking tours include free admission to all museums.

We are happy to send you our current calendar of walking tours.

We look forward to having you join us on one of our exciting walking tours.

You will receive your complete walking tour itinerary one month before your trip.

Question 18

“____ is the process of creating a message that suits your audience.





Question 19

“Which of the following sentences uses conversational, middle-level diction?

Hey, dude! UR not gonna believe this! Come by 2C me B4 you leave 2day.

Salutations! I deem it possible that you will be perplexed by what has transpired on this very day. Please approach my office to confer with me before you depart for the present day.

Hello! You will not believe what I just learned. Drop by my office before you leave today to discuss it.

All of these sentences use conversational, middle-level diction

Question 20

“Jenny is an event planner and is responding to an e-mail request from a client. What should Jenny do during the second phase of the writing process?

Check the format of the message.

Proofread for spelling and grammar errors in the message.

Determine the best organizational pattern for her reply message to the client.

Analyze the situation and anticipate how her client will respond to her message.

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