MSSU GB320 Week 8 quiz

| July 29, 2018

Question 1
is writing a proposal to the board of directors about an idea he has for a new
product line. What should he do to best persuade the members to adopt his idea?

using facts and figures as it may bore or confuse his reader.

how his proposal will increase company revenues.

mentioning any risks involved because doing so might scare the audience.

Adam should do all of these.

Question 2
“Alisha is writing a sales message to advertise the services
provided by the day spa she manages. In the letter she mentions rest,
relaxation, and spoiling oneself for the day. Alisha is using what type of

Rational appeal

Emotional appeal

Dual appeal

Logical appeal

Question 3
“In persuading the owner of your company to allow you to
telecommute, which of the following illustrates an indirect benefit to the

The time I save commuting would be spent working
on company business.

Because I’ll be working in my quiet home
environment, my productivity will increase.

Because I will not require an on-site office or
company equipment, the company will experience a reduction in expenses.

My working from home will help to protect the

Question 4
“Effective persuaders may choose from different organizational
strategies to get the results they want. Which of the following is the most
accurate statement about organizational patterns?

When writing a persuasive message, always use the
indirect organizational strategy.

If you are asking for something that you know
will be approved, use the indirect organizational strategy.

When you expect resistance or when you need to
educate the receiver, use the indirect organizational pattern.

The organizational strategy used is unimportant
in persuasive messages.

Question 5
“Nicole wants to ask her boss if she can telecommute two days a
week, but she’s afraid her boss will oppose her request. What should she do
first in her written request?

Reduce resistance

Gain attention

Motivate action

Build interest

uestion 6
“Suggestions made by subordinates to managers usually require

little or no persuasion.


considerable persuasion.

little or no evidence, facts, or figures.

Question 7
“Instructions or directives moving downward from superiors to
subordinates usually require

considerable persuasion.

little persuasion.

logical fallacies.

skillful appeals to indirect benefits.

Question 8
“Mallory was just hired as a sales rep for a large
telecommunications company. She knows her new job will require her to be
persuasive. Which of the following is a persuasion technique that Mallory
should use on her new job?

Make her requests realistic, doable, and

Create trust in her readers and listeners.

Use printed resources, statistics, and examples
to support her view.

Mallory should do all of these.

Question 9
“The statement Driving while under the influence of alcohol is
dangerous to everyone on the road because it is unsafe is an example of

circular reasoning.

logical reasoning.

begging the question.

post hoc (after, thus, because).
11.”Using the statement The company added a wellness program, and four
managers were promoted immediately afterward is most likely an example of
a. circular reasoning.
b. logical reasoning.
c. begging the question.
d. post hoc (after, thus, because).

Question 10
“Constance is writing a proposal for her board of directors to
request that her company implement a wellness program. The first thing she
should do is

decide on the purpose of her proposal.

prepare an outline.

compose a rough draft of the proposal.

gather information to include in the proposal.

1 points

Question 11
“Showing customers how your product or service specifically solves
a problem, achieves a personal or work objective, or makes life easier is
accomplished by

adapting the message to the audience.

organizing your message.

collecting information for your message.

analyzing the purpose of the message.

Question 12
Using the statement, “The company added a wellness program, and
four managers were promoted immediately afterward” is most likely an
example of

circular reasoning

logical reasoning

begging the question

post hoc (after, thus, because)

Question 13
“To start your home water delivery service immediately, call us at
1-800-555-1111 is an example of

reducing resistance.

motivating action.

gaining attention.

building interest.

Question 14
“Which of the following situations requires an indirect strategy?

An invitation to a local politician to speak at
your professional organization’s awards banquet

An e-mail message asking for information about
membership in a professional organization

A letter requesting a copy of your credit report

All of these choices should use an indirect

Question 15
“Elizabeth is writing a sales letter to a company in Thailand,
which is a high-context culture. What should Elizabeth do to be persuasive with
this audience?

Use direct expressions, words, and phrases.

Use expressions of politeness, honorifics,
flowery language, wishful requests, and overall humility.

Include complex facts with great embellishment
and superlatives.

Emphasize “”I”” or the
“”you”” view rather than “”we”” and

Question 16
“When you are writing to complain about something and you’re
worried that your reader might be reluctant to grant your claim, you should use

the indirect strategy.

the direct strategy.

both direct and indirect appeals.

circular reasoning.

Question 17
“Byron has ended a sales message with the sentence Book your
vacation by May 15 to receive a seventh night free. What technique is he using
to motivate action?

Guaranteeing satisfaction

Limiting the offer

Setting a deadline

Promising an incentive

Question 18
“Which of the following is an effective way for persuasive writers
and speakers to establish credibility with an audience?

Establish your expertise.

Offer counterarguments.

Request a response from the receiver.

Suggest new ideas, directives, or recommendations
for change that will be of interest to the audience.

Question 19
“Leila is writing a persuasive message to her staff and includes
the opening sentence Your hard work and dedication are what make this company a
success. She is gaining her reader’s attention by using what type of opening

A description of the problem

A compliment

A reader benefit

A stimulating question

Question 20
“On a Web site advertising its LSAT preparation classes, The
Princeton Review includes this sentence: Since 1998, more than 99% of our
surveyed students have said they would recommend Law Preview to entering law
students. This persuasive technique relies on

indirect benefits to the reader.

expert opinion.

facts and statistics.

problem description.

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