MSSU Gb320 Week 8 assignment

| July 29, 2018

Persuasive Favor/Action Request:Inviting an Alumna to SpeakAs public relations director for the Business and Accounting Association on your campus, you have been asked to find a keynote speaker for the first meeting of the school year. The owner of a successful local firm, TempHelp4You, is analumnaof your university. You think not only that many students would enjoy learning about how she started her business, but also that some might like to sign up with her temporary help agency. She would need to prepare a 30-minute speech and take questions after the talk. The event will be held from noon until 1:30 p.m. on a date of your choosing in Branford Hall, You can offer her lunch at the event and provide her with a parking permit that she can pick up at the information kiosk at the main entrance to your campus. You need to have her response by a deadline you set.Write apersuasiverequestletter to Marion Minter in which you ask her tospeakat your club’s meeting.Use the block letter style. Use the closed/mixed punctuation style.This will be a personal letter coming from you so you will not be using company letterhead. For the return address add your address, phone, etc. after your typed name in the closing.

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