Moving Images

| February 1, 2016

Moving Images
The Autumn term assignment requires you to produce both written and practical elements.
In addition to the visual work you will, individually, produce a portfolio of writing. This portfolio will be written over the term and should comprise the following elements:
Answer all follow Questions,like question1XXXXX,question2XXXXXX……….,write each question separately.
1. Write a critical review of a film of your choice in the style of your choice of magazine. (Minimum 200 words) (film i choose:Forrest Gump)
2. Write a review of an academic text (chapter or journal entry) and fully reference it. (Minimum 200 words) review this article,i sent to you.
3. Create an archive of ‘short films’ (with links) that share similar themes or methods to your film.
( My film: )
4. Write a promotional piece about your film that you could use to market it, including a tag line. (Minimum 200 words)
( My film: )
5. Finally, you should write an academic essay that situates your film in selected critical contexts as related to lectures across the term as well as other academic texts, debates and examples of moving images. (1000 words)
( My film: )
As we go through the term we will revisit this assignment brief and your work to ensure that you are producing the pieces for your portfolio; some of this work will be started in class and for you to complete at home.

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