Movie Analysis

| January 6, 2016

Movie Analysis
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All written assignments must use “normal” font using, with one inch margins all the way around. Papers must be written using APA format. The papers must be double-spaced with no extra spacing between paragraphs. Any directly quoted sections that are more than three typed lines must have a 1 ½ margin on left and right and be single spaced. Organize your thoughts into a coherent form. Make it obvious to the reader of your essay where you are going in your paper and how you propose to get there. I expect quotes and less formal references to the readings to demonstrate your argument or theme.
1)the list of movies you can choose from.( i will give you the decision to chose freely which movie you want).
2)the Rubric with the description of the Analysis.
3)An example of what the Movie Analysis should look like.

The Color Purple

Reel Injun
Eat Drink Man Woman

The Slanted Screen

Fast Food Nation

America 101

Jungle Fever
Pretty Woman

Trading Places
8 Mile
Waging a Living
Race: The Power of Illusion
Tough Guise 2
White Like Me
Prom Night in Mississippi

The One Percent
The Boys of Baraka

Hip-Hop: Beyond the Beats & Rhymes

Precious Knowledge
Real Women Have Curves

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