| June 1, 2016

Question 1

How does organizational strategy determine information systems structure?

Question 2

Read page 77. Did the new owners take any illegal action. Explain your thoughts.

Question 3

How does competitive strategy determine value chain?

Question 4

How do information systems provide competitive advantage?

Question 5

Read page 90-91 and summarize how knowledge of information security can give a professional competitive advantage.

Question 6

Read case study #3 on page 97. Briefly summarize the difference in sales models between GearUp and Amazon.

Question 7

What is the role of a CPU?

Question 8

What is a server farm?

Question 9

Explain the difference between a thin and thick client.

Question 10

What is virtualization? What are some of the benefits?

Question 11

Is open source software a viable alternative?

Question 12

How does open source software work?

Question 13

Explain some of the challenges of using Personal Mobile devices at work.

Question 14

On page 130, the author refers to Scale & Share. Please explain how this relates to mobile devices.

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