Most current video cards support the video standard called _________.

| September 29, 2018

Chapter 6 Exercises

Multiple Choice
Select the best

1. Most current video cards
support the video standard called _________.
a. VGA (video graphics array)
b. SVGA (super video graphics
c. XGA (extended graphics array)
d. MGA (monochrome graphics array)

2. Which of these ports provides
the fastest data transmission speed?
a. USB 2.0
b. parallel
c. serial
d. FireWire (1394b)

3. When connecting a video card,
in which expansion slot should you install it?

a. AGP
b. ISA
c. USB

4. Which of these is not a
parallel port technology?
a. standard parallel port
b. extended printer port (EPP)
c. extended capabilities port
d. enhanced parallel port

Which of the following monitors
provides a better image quality?
a. .38-mm dot pitch monitor
b. .32-mm dot pitch monitor
c. .20-mm dot pitch monitor
d. .25-mm dot pitch monitor

Fill in the Blank
Write the word or phrase to fill in the
blank in each of the following questions.

1. The_______ is the number of times in one second an
electronic beam can fill the screen with lines from top to bottom.
2. FireWire uses ___________, meaning that data is
transferred continuously without breaks over the FireWire bus.
3. Wireless devices that use _________ require a direct line
of sight between devices, while __________ devices do not.
4. A port assignment such as LPT1 or COM3 represents a
designated configuration of the _____and the _______.
5. USB allows for
________, which means you can connect a device to a USB port and it
automatically will be configured without your having to restart the computer.

Matching Terms
Match the terms with their definitions.


1. isochronous
data transfer

a. AGP feature
that involves sharing memory with the


2. MP3

b. number of bytes
used to represent the sound at any one interval


3. touch pad

c. small, flat
rectangular pointing device that is sensitive to pressure and motion


4. direct memory execute

d. data is
transferred continuously without breaks; used by FireWire


5. DIN connector

e.uses short range radio waves to
transmit data between two devices


6. Bluetooth

f. video card with
its own processor to boost performance


7. viewable size

g. actual size of
the lighted screen in the monitor


8. graphics

h. also called a
keyboard port connector


9. sampling rate

i. the number of
times per second a sound is recorded


10. audio

j. popular audio
compression method

Short Answer Questions
Write a brief answer to each of the
following questions.
The quality and price of a CRT monitor is based on several features — screen
size, refresh rate, interlacing, and resolution. Briefly explain each of these
2. If a mouse is not working
properly, what troubleshooting steps should you take?
3. Explain why sampling is
used when recording sound, and list factors in the sampling process that affect
the quality of the sound during playback.
Describe the steps required to install a new sound card.
List and explain the various types of video memory used by a video card.

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