money on advertising

| June 4, 2016

You were spending a lot of money on advertising, but it was still only 1.1%, .3%,
and .09% of the sales revenue you were predicting. These numbers should be 1020% of the sales. I see you had formulas that were doing auto increases of ten
percent a year while sales were rising 300%. Investors would ask what is driving
the sales.
The bold headings are totals for the blanks below, use the total line or the sublines.
When your prices changed in the sales, your COGS did not. This is a percent of the
price, did costs go up that much? COGS is a measure of efficiency, try and lower it.
You are showing 800 million in profits on sales of 2.5 billion over three years. Do
you think you are Apple? Be prepared to defend your numbers.
I wouldnt use this large of numbers, they will be very hard to defend. Try and get
them down to below a million in profits if you can.

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