Module 7Assignment: Writing Instructions

| August 14, 2017

Module 7Assignment: Writing Instructions32 PointsCreate a set of instructions that will enable your readers to operate some device or perform some process. The overall usefulness goal for instructions is to enable readers to perform a procedure correctly and efficiently. The procedure must involve at least 30 steps. Include a Troubleshooting Guide.*Do not forget to refer to Module Seven’s Rubric.More information on writing instructions:Superstructure for instructions should include: Introduction, Description of the Equipment, List of Materials and Equipment needed, Directions and Troubleshooting.Your instructions should guide your readers through some specific process that your classmates or instructor could actually perform. Do not write generic instructions for performing a general procedure.Organizations of Directions: Divide the overall procedure into groups of steps rather than presenting all the steps in a single list. Use headings to label the groups of steps. Organize the directions hierarchically.Graphics: When preparing your instructions, pay careful attention to the graphic design of your finished communication. Illustrations must be included. You may rely heavily on figures if they are the most effective way for you to achieve your objectives. Your instructions need not contain a single sentence.Page Design: Finally, use a page design that has two or more columns (rather than having a single column of type that runs all the way from the left-hand margin to the right-hand margin). In a two column design, you might put all of your steps in the left-hand column and all of your accompanying illustrations in the right-hand column. Alternatively, you might mix both text and figures in both columns. Large figures and the title for the instructions can span both columns.You may use the format for your instructions that you believe will work best; whether it is a single sheet of 8 ½ x 11 inch paper, a booklet printed on smaller paper, or some other design.

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