| August 31, 2016

Module 4 – Case


Assignment Overview

23andMe started out as a promising and exciting new biotech company that used new technologies to allow individuals to obtain information about their genetics at an affordable price. In 2008, their technology was chosen by Time Magazine as “Invention of the Year.” Many people were excited at the possibility of receiving valuable information from their DNA about their ancestry, traits, and risk of inherited disease.

23andMe received quite a bit of interest from investors and obtained large investments from venture capital. However, in spite of the positive media attention and success in raising funds, things did not go as plan. 23andMe is now facing class action lawsuits from customers claiming false advertising, and the FDA has also accused them of not properly following a number of important regulations.

Do some research on 23andMe about the nature of their business and their current legal difficulties. Below are some articles to get you started:

Murphy, E. (November, 2013). The DNA Revolution. Fast Company, 72-78,80,82,118,120,123. [ProQuest]

San Diego attorney Mark Ankcorn files class action against genetic testing company for deceptive marketing. (Dec. 4, 2013). Business Wire [ProQuest]

Delevett, P. (Jun. 19, 2011). Pretty big genes for little startup. Contra Costa Times [ProQuest]

Case Assignment

After you’ve finished researching 23andMe and have reviewed the background materials, write a 4- to 5-page paper addressing the following questions:
1.Given the difficult nature of 23andMe’s business, what ownership structure do you recommend for them?
2.What steps do you think 23andMe could have taken from the beginning in order to prevent the legal difficulties they face?
3.In addition to their current legal difficulties, what other legal difficulties do you think 23andMe might face in the future?

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