MNGT 502 – Operations Management

| June 14, 2018

MNGT 502 – Operations Management The main aim of this assignment is to provide you an opportunity to analyse the status of Operational functions performed at an organization of your choice in detail. On completion of the assignment you will be able to:Know that how any organization’s operation department functionsLearn how a product and related process are designed and performed to satisfy the customer (Internal as well as External)Expose to the various operations management activities in an organisationList of activities to be done by you:Select an organization of your own choiceDocument the existing current operations, use the flowcharts, job analysis, job descriptions, verbal explanations, or similar methods,Focus on the various inputs, transformation processes, and the final outputs Deal the main portions of the course (as per syllabus) and attempt any four chapters like Capacity planning, Scheduling, Quality Management, Inventroy management, Perform an in-depth analysis and suggest improvements in the existing operational system.Prepare a presentation and present your findingsWorking GuidanceSubmit original work, it should not be copy and paste, if found any such report, zero marks will be awarded. The assignment will be checked on TURNITIN software and if found copied ZERO marks will be awarded.If report of two groups found similar, both groups will be awarded Zero marks.Read thoroughly, understand each point, and then plan to work.Word limit –2500- 3000 words approx.Prefer to give example for the GCC countries or developed market.Give enough referencesEnclosed is the assignment that need to be solved along a power point presentation.

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