MNGT 5000 Management

| September 13, 2016

MNGT 5000 Management

October 3, 2012

Answer three of the four questions below with essays for each

Students should write an essay response to each question. I suggest thinking about the organization and structure of your answer before writing it. Using a basic outline to initially organize your thoughts is always a good idea. There is not a word count or exact page specification, but I think it will probably take two or three pages develop a good essay. You should be sure to read and edit the essay after you have written it.

This examination is worth 25% of the total grade for the course so it is a good idea to make sure you give your best thoughts.

There are four questions below. You may answer any three of your choosing. Each of the three questions you answer will be worth one third of the test grade.


Special Note: In each of the essay answers I am looking to see how you apply the concepts and ideas in our class discussions and readings to the question. There is not a single right answer for the questions, but the best answers will be ones that thoughtfully apply the ideas in the readings to the question.

Number your answers based on the question number.

Test Questions

Q.1. In terms of managerial control theory provided in textbook and discussed in class, describe how organizations can benefit from the application of control processes. How can you as a manager use control systems in order to achieve control of an organization’s programs?

Q.2. In the year since taking over as CEO of Uncle Mike’s software company, the business has continued to thrive with nearly 200 employees. This is largely attributable to Uncle Mike’s strategic plan and a smooth transition after his passing (great job!!). But now, there are a couple of new competitors setting up shop in Silicon Valley and its becoming increasingly difficult to find and hire qualified software specialists and sales personnel.

In light of these developments, in three weeks, the company’s senior staff (the four vice-presidents and you) will hold an offsite meeting in order to update two important documents: 1. The Corporate Mission, Vision and Values; and 2.) the Strategic Plan.

Develop a memorandum to the vice presidents, including an agenda for the offsite meeting that informs them about what you want the team to discuss and the decisions you will need to make in order to update the above documents. Make sure that the vice presidents are aware of how you intend for these documents to be used in leading the company’s employees.

Note: Remember I will be looking to see how you apply the class reading and discussions to this situation, not your natural ability to plan a meeting.

Q.3. In terms of traditional application (how they are used), advantages and disadvantages, compare the Functional, Divisional, and Matrix organization types. In which is collaboration most prominently valued? Why?

Q.4.Research a public leadership figure of your choice. Describe him or her in terms of the five Useful Leadership Characteristics found in the textbook. How do the contemporary perspectives of leadership apply to him or her?

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