| September 1, 2016

Please answer one question from each unit:

Graduate courses: 500 – 750 words or 2 – 3 pages.

Unit 1 –

Please answer ONE of the following:
1. What is “Economic Exposure” and how does it impact companies like Nestlé, Daimler AG, Royal Dutch Shell and Astra Zeneca? Assess the impact of a weaker dollar on the financial performance of these corporations.
2. According to experts, mastering the Japanese market is considered to be a very difficult task. However, with the lucrative market in Japan, it is imperative to understand the intricacies in order to be successful in business. What are some of the factors that need to be considered by corporations that would like to conduct business in Japan?
3. There are considerable differences and similarities among world cultures. This makes the task of the global marketer much more difficult. Giving examples, show what factors have to be taken into account when planning marketing strategy for different parts of the world.

unit 2 –

1. Some firms and lawyers inexperienced in the practice of international commercial arbitration consider arbitration clauses in a contract as “any other clause.” This can be a gross misunderstanding of the clauses. Why are these clauses different and so significant?
2. Discuss the guidelines submitted by David Arnold pertaining to the importance of data gathering for market research. Indicate the rationale behind each guideline.
3. Governmental actions, at times, are designed to discourage imports and block market access. Why do governments want to curtail imports? Explain some of the barriers that are placed to discourage imports.

Unit 3 –

1. Companies are faced with the decision whether to expand by seeking new markets in existing countries or seeking new country markets for already identified and served market segments. Faced with these situations what are the strategies that can be followed?
2. Maslow’s needs hierarchy provides a useful framework for understanding how and why local products and brands can be extended beyond home country borders. How can needs hierarchy be used in global marketing?
3. In recent years, in light of the technological developments, many exporters have been forced to finance international transactions by taking full or partial payment in some form other than money. A number of alternative forms of payments known as countertrade are widely used. How does a countertrade transaction work? How do barter transactions differ from offset?

Unit 4 –

1. Because of its size and presence in more than 200 countries, the Coca-Cola Company is often the target of antiglobalization protests. Giving examples, show how negative publicity affects global marketers?
2. It is expected that information technology will have a big role in promotions using innovative methods. Discuss how infomercials, teleshopping, and interactive television will change the way consumers shop in the near future.
3. The Internet’s powerful capabilities and increasing importance have resulted in a backlash that manifests itself in various ways. Giving examples, explain how this statement can be true.

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