MKT 498 Final Exam

| August 14, 2017

Completethe Final Examination (50 questions in True/False, Multiple Choice, and Multiple Select format). Multiple Choice and Multiple Select Questions1 The foundation of an IMC plan includes which of the following elements? (Check all that apply)2 A system of partnerships and alliances that a firm creates to source, augment, and deliver its offerings is called ________.3 Which of the following are elements of the communication process? (Check all that apply)4 The people who control the flow of information to members of a buying center in an organization are known as:5 Xerox offers a color printer that sells for $1,200, which they want to market to businesses. As the marketing manager for Xerox printers, you want to select an advertising medium that has a long exposure time and that can attract and retain a prospective customer’s attention, and you have a budget of $20 million. Which advertising medium would you select that best meets your criteria?6 A joint venture of two or more brands into a new product or service is called:7 The most common form of “noise” in marketing communications is:8 All of the following are public relations functions EXCEPT:9 Effective ________ refers to the number of times a target audience must be exposed to an advertising message in a specified period of time in order to achieve a particular objective, while effective ________ is the percentage of an audience that must be exposed to a particular advertising message during a certain period in order to achieve a specific objective.10 Which of the following are ways to segment consumer markets? (Check all that apply)11 Which of the following are ways to segment business markets? (Check all that apply)12 The steps in writing a marketing plan include all of the following EXCEPT:13 Creating a customer-focused value proposition so that the company’s offering and image occupies a distinctive place in the minds of a target market is the marketing activity called ________.14 Change in the macro environment is a primary basis for market opportunities. Which of the following are forces in the macro environment? (Check all that apply)15 When a company sells the same product in different countries but maintains the same basic message in each country, this is called ________.16 The goal of branding is:17 The three main components of advertising are:18 Which of the following statements about having a direct sales force is true? (Check all that apply)19 Which of the following are effective ways to establish a communications budget? (Check all that apply)a. Spend as much as the competition does20 Creating a perception in the consumer’s mind regarding the nature of a company and its products relative to the competition is called ________.21 All of the following are components of a corporate image EXCEPT:22 A situation in which consumers believe that many brands offer the same set of attributes, which results in consumers purchasing from a group of accepted brands rather than one specific brand, is called ________.23 A formal agreement between the retailer and the manufacturer to undertake a cooperative promotional effort is called a ________.24 Strongly held beliefs about various topics or concepts which lead to the judgments that guide personal behavior are called25 The buyer’s behavior is influenced by four major factors: cultural, social, personal, and psychological. The customer’s motivation, learning, perception, beliefs, and attitudes would fall into the ________ category.26 Steps that a marketer can take to build brand equity and recognition include all of the following EXCEPT:27 All of the following could be a marketing communication objective EXCEPT:28 A set of businesses or a group of individual consumers with distinct characteristics that are similar in nature is called a ________.29 All of the following are ways to evaluate the effectiveness of advertisements EXCEPT:30 Rewards given as contest prizes to brokers, retail salespeople, retail stores, wholesalers, or agents, are called ________.31 All of the following are recent trends in the consumer buying environment that have affected consumers’ purchasing patterns EXCEPT:32 All of the following are recent trends in the business-to-business buying environment that have affected companies’ purchasing patterns EXCEPT:32 All of the following are recent trends in the business-to-business buying environment that have affected companies’ purchasing patterns EXCEPTTrue or False Questions33 “Communication” can be defined as transmitting, receiving, and processing information.34 The acronym “GIMC” stands for Generally Integrated Marketing Channels.35 An IMC campaign is possible only for large businesses that have the large budgets necessary to implement the strategies, and is not possible for small or start-up businesses.36 Approximately 10% of all promotional dollars are spent on elements other than advertising.37 The 80/20 rule states that 80% of a company’s profits come from 20% of its customers, which is why it is important for marketers to maximize customer lifetime value.38 Organizations should attempt to match their product or service attributes closely to the consumers’ attitudes, rather than trying to change the consumers’ attitudes.39 A company’s image in the U.S. is not important when expanding internationally because customers in other countries have not yet been exposed to the company.40 The term “prospecting” when applied to personal selling means to establish and maintain relationships with key customers.41 Although B2B marketers are increasingly using other advertising media, trade journals and business magazines still remain an effective method of reaching specific target markets.42 Internet service providers, commerce sites like eBay and Amazon, and search engines like Google are all examples of brick-and-click companies.43 Reinforcing or rejuvenating a current image that is consistent with the view of consumers is easier to accomplish than changing a well-established image.44 Two steps in the process of personal selling are determining which products the company should sell and overcoming the objections of prospective buyers.45 Advertising via direct mail provides opportunities for marketers to measure the lifetime value of a customer and answer customers’ product-related questions.46 When firms sell virtually the same goods or services to both consumers (B2C) and businesses (B2B), they are practicing what is called co-branding.47 Negotiation is the preferred strategy in personal selling whenever a “zone of disagreement” exists.48 When appraising promotional opportunities in global markets, marketing managers should examine the same criteria that they use to analyze promotional opportunities in domestic market segments.49 The idea of “mass market” advertising may be outdated due to the many types of new media people utilize today.50 When using e-marketing, it is preferable to make it difficult for consumers to unsubscribe so that you can continue to have opportunities to build a relationship with those consumers.

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