MKT 111 Marketers use fighter or flanker brands to compete for price sensitive customers. T or F

| April 14, 2018

Q17.  Q18. The “percentage of sales” budgeting method is also known as zero-based budgeting. T or FQ19. An intensive distribution strategy would be appropriate for a new automotive brand. T or FQ20. It is always illegal for a marketer to discriminate in pricing among customers. T or FQ12. Our willingness to accept or try a new idea or product is described as:A.ObservabilityB.AdoptionC.DiffusionD.Cognitive DissonanceQ13. Which of the following IS NOT AN EXAMPLE of Survey Market research?A.Telephone Interview D. Traffic CounterB.Mall Intercept E. Focus GroupC.Internet QuestionnaireQ14. Which type of business philosophy is concerned with maximum output at the lowest cost:A.Sales Orientation C. Social MarketingBMarketing Concept D. Production orientationQ15. An individual or organization’s willingness to give up something of value for something of equal or greater value is called ____________________?A.Transactional AnalysisB.ExchangeC.MotivationD.Obsolescence

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