MK 654 Consumer Behavior Project

| September 8, 2016

MK 654
Consumer Behavior
Project for Chapter 8
Visit several local supermarkets and note evidences you are able to observe of push and
pull strategies used to increase product contact for grocery items. Share these
observations with other members of your class.
Understanding Push and Pull concepts
Push strategies are intended to get the product on the retail shelf and/or increase how
much marketing effort retailers exert. Examples of push strategies include store displays
and spiffs (payments of store salespeople for selling the product). Push strategies are so
named because they seem to “push” the product through the distribution channel. Push
strategies also include price discounts on case lots or other financial incentives to the
retailer. If these trade deals are passed on to consumers as price reductions, they should
increase the probability of consumers’ purchase behaviors.
Pull strategies such as coupons and rebates are incentives directly targeted at consumers.
They are intended to increase the probability of purchase. Pull strategies seem to “pull”
the product through the distribution channel because they increase demand for the
Identify several push and pull strategies for grocery products. Then, describe how these strategies
influence consumers’ product contact behavior. For example, many price reductions in the grocery
store (20 cents off), however, the differences between push and pull strategies may not be obvious
to consumers in the supermarket.
Effective push efforts might involve placement of specially designed product displays,
signs, Special in-store promotions (tasting booths), and price discounts of various types to
the retailer (10 percent off the normal case price, if you buy 30 cases).
Pull strategies are most commonly illustrated by coupons that consumers are redeeming.
Rebates are another example. Contests that require a proof of purchase or prizes in the
package are also pull strategies.

This project is due February 28th. at midnight to SafeAssign.

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