MIS 445 Data Mining- Regression Model

| August 31, 2017

Regression Model

MIS 445 Data Mining

Colorado State University – Global Campus

Regression Model

This critical thinking composition is will examine the creation of a regression model using the data from Telco Extra and using the IBM SPSS statistical program. The purpose of this regression model is to predict income based on age in years, specifically the computed income for an individual that is 27 years old.

Regression Model

Your goal is to create a regression model that can predict income based on age in years. Create a linear regression model in SPSS.

Overall Fit

How good is the overall fit of the income determination model? (Use R2 as well as the F statistics to justify your answer.)

Computed Prediction

Compute the predicted income for a 27-year-old individual.



Field, A. (2013). Discovering Statist

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