| June 6, 2016

Mini Project on Writing Managerial Decision Statements

Write a three Page literature review on

Writing Managerial Decision Statements

Ensure your literature review has the following:

Introduction: Provide an overview of the topic. Explain why the question is important and a brief description of the research design. State the purpose of conducting the literature review. Discuss major trends in the field. Explain how the literature review will be organized.

Body: Discuss the current status of the topic. Organize this section according to the previously mentioned themes or something similar. Discuss relationships that may exist in the literature.

Conclusion: Highlight major points discussed in the previous sections. Be sure to relate the information back to the purpose and relevance of the research.

Include a minimum of five sources. Three of the sources must be from peer-reviewed journals. Use and follow APA style for this assignment.

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