Midterm Research Paper (PRQ)

| January 30, 2016

Topic: Midterm Research Paper (PRQ)

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Current Job ? Web Analyst Manager for Aviation Company Job description (https://www.webanalytics.in/?p=26) for review..

Several journal articles have been published about the application of Risk Management in business and industry. In this assignment you are to research and find an article that you are interested in or related to your current job.
For this assignment you are to write a three to four-page paper that summarizes the following in the context of risk management:
1. How is risk managed on this real-world project?
2. Define the inputs used in risk management.
3. Define how risk management benefits achieved.
4. Give 3 – 5 top tricks or tips in the article that you can apply to your current job or project.
5. What were the barriers or hurdles overcome using risk management? (Things that inhibit risk management effectiveness.)

1. The paper should be approximately 3 to 4 pages, professionally written and presented
2. Double space
3. Include references (Citing) on a separate page
4. Articles can be found using the Onsite Library Services.
5. PMI Journal is also a good source of articles for this assignment. Review the resources labeled “PM Resources” in the Assignment Section of your Blackboard course for additional resources.
6. Apply APA standards when writing and citing references.
The purpose of this assignment is to enhance your knowledge of some of the critical functions of risks in project management.
The use of charts, graphs, business processes, facts, etc., shall form part of the above assignment requirements evaluation.

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