Microsoft Word – TLMT441SyllabusTemp2015.docx

| November 24, 2016

Microsoft Word – TLMT441SyllabusTemp2015.docx

Write a reflection paper (2 – 3 pages, double-spaced) that synthesizes, relative to the theme, concepts from the assignments, readings, outside/additional readings and your own experiences (with citations and reference list in APA format). Do not add refaces as part of your pages.

All papers should meet the following criteria:
· Follow APA formatting and style guidelines (6th edition)
· Follow all instructions for each assignment
· 12 inch standard font such as Arial, Times New Roman or Calibri
· 1 inch margins
· Double-spaced
· Submitted on time
· Represent your best work

Topics i learn from “Advanced Business Logistics” are as follows

1) Traits of Best Supply Chains, Supply Chain Maturity, Supply Chain Strategy

2) Supply Chains: Financial Impact, Innovation, Process Management

3) Supply Chains: Financial Impact, Innovation, Process Management

4) Logistics Execution, Supply Chain Planning and Responsiveness

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