Michael Robinson Obituary

| June 14, 2018

Write Your Own ObituaryWrite your own obituary that will appear in your city newspaper. Assume that it is written by your best friend who knows the real you in addition to your accomplishments. If you are uncomfortable with writing your own obituary, instead present it as someone giving a speech about you reaching some very old age. After you do a first draft, you may want to show it to a trusted friend or relative for their comments.Write a minimum 1 full page and a maximum 1.5 page paper.Grading CriteriaClear and direct writing, free from grammar and spelling mistakes.Your life reflection should be realistic. Do not put “served two terms as President of the “United States” unless you really have dedicated your life’s ambition to achieving this and recognize the tradeoffs it implies. Likewise, marrying famous personalities or living a lottery winner’s life is typically unrealistic. Your life plan will be compared to others who have similar careers/positions by the instructor to determine its realism.Your obituary should not only reflect the “what” of your life (what you did), but also the “who” (who you were as a person), the “why” (why you did what you did), the “how” (how you managed to do what you did), and the “when” (there should be a clear chronology of your life without major holes in time frames) as well.Do not put “filler” into the assignment such as the time, date, and location of the memorial service.Connection to the Personal Goals and Values Inventory and the Goals Notebook AssignmentsPhilosophically, this assignment connects back to your Personal Goals and Values Inventory and Goals Notebook. I suggest that you refer back to those earlier assignments before you begin writing your obituary to review the themes you addressed in the first two assignments. You will likely, though not necessarily, continue exploring and developing those themes in this obituary if they are still relevant/appropriate for you.Some Additional Things to Avoid When Writing Your ObituaryToo short (less than 1 page) or too long (greater than 1.5 pages and it starts to become a biography and not an obituary).Missing dates for significant events. Your dates do not need to be 100% specific if you do not want to, but at the minimum your dates should refer to a narrow range of possibilities. For example, you can state “his first grandchild was born when he was in his early 40s” versus saying “his first grandchild was born when he was 42.”Unrealistic outcomes, such as managing a major professional sports franchise. You should look at the lives of people you are looking to emulate and see what their career paths have been and how similar, and realistically achievable, your life path is compared to theirs—this will be the primary determinant of realism.Too much focus on career or too much focus family without anything else. Try to avoid presenting your life one-dimensionally.Avoid vagueness, such as lack of clarity regarding how/why things happened.Avoid missing details. Try to be as specific as realistically possible while dealing with the acknowledged issue that parts of this obituary may have you projecting 50 or more years into your future. As an example, I am comfortable with you writing “In her early 60s she began working for a large public relations firm in a major Midwestern city as an account manager,” versus ‘In her early 60s she began working for the Zeno Group public relations firm in Chicago as the assistant vice president for food group accounts.” If you want to provide this level of specificity, I am fine with that as long as it is realistic.Avoid significant gaps in time regarding your life (e.g., 15+ years of your life not explored at all).Do not have too much about your present and/or past and not enough focus on the future—the past/present needs to be included, but it must be significantly less coverage than your future.Avoid some tendencies to not provide a lot of info after about 12-15 years into your future.Give yourself a long life—typically at least as long as the standard age for retirement in the United States (i.e., at least 60 years of age). Do not give yourself an early death or an early speech about you—at a minimum this will lead to a significantly reduced grade on the assignment, and possibly even a failing grade.

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