MHBR165 ATC 14-1 (Pg. 686)

| January 30, 2017

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ATC 14-1 (Pg. 686)

1. (Follow the cash) In a narrative format, answer the questions posed in the case.

2. What is meant by “presentation of financial statement information in common-size amounts rather than dollar amounts?” Why is this type of presentation sometimes more meaningful than use of actual dollar amounts?

3. Why is trend just as important if not more important than information that pertains to only one year?

* Each separate response must have approximately 200 words. Assignments vary widely; however, essays should be written in APA style, with in-text citations and a separate reference listing as needed. Basically, you need to cite and reference a relevant source for assignments that have an essay component. This means you are required to conduct research on your own outside the information provided in the text (i.e. an external reference). Note, some assignment requirements will require primarily calculating a specific accounting figure and require only minimum explanation. In these cases, the word count requirement will be relaxed.

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