MHA 601 Prrinciples of Health Care Administration Week 2 Discussion 2

| March 31, 2017


Describe the benefits of teams for both health care organizations and for individual team members. Discuss the characteristics of dysfunctional teams and potential methods for resolving the dysfunction.

Your initial post should be at least 300 words. Support your response with a minimum of two scholarly sources.

These two can be used:

Ezziane, Z., Mahiben, M., Gawn, L., Thompson, E. A; Athanasiou, T., & Warren, T. J. (2012). Building effective clinical teams in healthcare. Journal of Health Organization and Management, 26(4), 428-436. doi:10.1108/14777261211251508

West, M. A., & Lyubovnikova, J. (2013). Illusions of team working in health care. Journal of Health Organization and Management, 27(1),134-42. doi:10.1108/1477726131131184

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