MGT530 Assignment 3 – Strategy Report

| April 14, 2018

MGT530 Assignment 3 – Strategy ReportStrategy ReportDue: 7 June (submission via TURNITIN)Word count: 2500-3000 wordsVERY IMPORTANTInternationally launching Texas chicken inPakistan and considering that a macro report hasbeen submitted before for the assignment following thisone.For the report making you must use above mentionedcompany and the country as it is.Executive Summarya 2 page (maximum) summary of keyfindings, strategies and outcomes.TABLE OF CONTENTS1. INTRODUCTIONState your report objectivesReport Scope/outline2. Brief background to companyand selected international country: iebrief approx 2 page synopsis ofAssessment 2 (Topics 1-6).Company backgroundInternational country backgroundEconomic analysisPolitical/legal analysisCultureEthics3. Additional analysis reflecting your furthercountry analysis (Topic 7)What are other basic entry decisions?Country’s competitiveness (based on 12 pillars ofcompetitiveness) – refer to the Global Competitivenessreport of 2015-2016Gross Fixed Capital formationCAGE framework (cultural, administrative, geographic andeconomic)Financing tradeEtc…4. Recommendation for entry mode andmultinational structure/competitivestrategy with justification (Topics 8-9)Strategies will be evaluated in terms of how welljustified they are based on the macro environment inthe country and the size and capabilities of the firmEvaluations of company(goals, capacity, aims in foreignexpansion)Competitive strategy ( eg cost leader, differentiation,niche)International Strategy (ie localisation, transnational,global standardisation or International)Market entry strategy (eg joint venture, export,acquisition, export plus sales office, Green fieldmanufacturing plant, etc.)5. Global Marketing strategies (ierecommended product offering in internationalmarket, control, and promotional strategies)(Topic 10) &R&DMarketing strategiesOutlines product/service to be offered and any changes to suitlocal/international market (ie considers macro/cultural factorsidentifiedIdentifies distribution channels and outlets and outlines any differencerequired in distribution due to macro environmental or culturalconsiderations. Makes effective strategy recommendations to respond toany issuesIdentifies any relevant pricing issues and provides recommendation forapproachOutlines relevant macro/cultural issues impacting on promotion of theproduct/service and makes recommendations for strategy6. Recommendations regardingproduction, supply management (topic 11)Supply chain management discussion covers length ofsupply chain and any relevant management andcontrol issues, difficulties around sourcing, managingand controlling and partners in this area. Whatstrategies will help you deal with these issues.Production control will be influenced by your entrystrategy. If you chose licensing or franchise, how canyou ensure that you maintain the production ormanagement standards.7. International HRM Strategies andother considerations (topic 12)Strategies will be evaluated in terms of how well justifiedthey are based on the macro environment in the countryand the characteristics of the firm.Referring to the cultural issues identified early, discuss anyimplications for staff management, international staff relationsand management structureIdentify any etiquette and customs international businessmanagers should be aware of in the office (ie not covered inculture section)Highlight any international labour relations that might be ofconcern in the country (eg power of unions, frequent strikes)and suggest strategies the firm should take to deal with anyissues.Recommend the HRM approach to be taken by the firm(ethnocentric, polycentric or geocentric)Outline strategies for reducing the possibility of expatriatefailure (if expatriates are used) and discuss any relevantissues around performance appraisal and compensationConclusionSummarise keyponts in your findings andrecommendationsReferencing/Presentation/Spelling &GrammarWas the report professional in quality? Easy to read?Well structured? Spelling and grammar correct?Were references included? Did they conform to APAguidelines.REFERENCESUse at least 15 academic references (updated/recentsources – 2010-2015)Use updated government and relevant websites (i.e.DFAT, CPI/Transparency, etc…)APA style of referencingMGT530 STRATEGY REPORTMARKING CRITERIA – 50%1. Executive Summary (10 marks)Provided a concise yet comprehensive summary ofthe findings of the report. Findings for all importantfactors were provided in the summary.Discussion of implication demonstrates strongunderstanding of macro environmental risks andopportunities2 – Introduction – covering scope of report andsummary of key macro issues arising fromprevious report. (10 marks)Scope of the report clearly articulated.Information on key macro issues concisely and clearlyidentified.Discussion shows expert ability to synthesizeinformation to present a clear exposition of knowledge.Clear links between previous report and currentreport.3 – Strategy recommendations & justification for entrymode, multinational structure/competitivestrategy (25 marks)Suggested entry mode, corporate and businessstrategies are appropriate and well justified in relationto macro environment, company size, strategy andresources.All recommendations take into consideration culturalfindings, firm capabilities and wider macros issues.Discussion shows expert ability to synthesizeinformation to present a clear exposition of knowledge.4– Strategy recommendations & justification for Marketing,R&D,Production, & International HRM(30 marks)Suggested marketing, production and HR strategies areappropriate and well justified in relation to macroenvironment, company size, strategy and resources.Strategies also take into consideration cultural findings, firmstrategy and wider macros issues.Discussion shows expert ability to synthesize information topresent a clear exposition of knowledge.5 –Structure, organisation, presentation and grammar(10 marks)Organisation and presentation was of an excellentstandard.Presentation follows guidelines.Fluent writing style. Grammar and spelling accurate.5. Research and referencing(15 marks)Consistent and sustained acknowledgement of sources ofinformation and data throughout report.Excellent referencing with majority of citations correctlyadhering to APA method.Comprehensive reference list.Wide variety of up to date, authentic and appropriatesources used in appropriate context.NOTE: Ensure that TURNITIN similarity is less than 10%

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