MGMT 591 – Mary has accepted a position as director of a nonprofit

| September 13, 2018

2. (TCO 5) Mary has accepted a position as director of a nonprofit organization that represents a cause she deeply believes in. Her pay is $28,000 per year. Her position allows considerable flexibility, which is critical because of her three school-age children and family needs. Additionally, Mary works with many peers who she respects and her leadership essentially allows her the freedom to make decisions without too much upper management review. Mary’s husband, Bill, works as a computer engineer for a large consulting firm. His pay is $95,000 per year. Bill’s work requires many late hours and weekends, as well as a considerable travel demand. This means that Bill misses much of the children’s growing-up experiences and that Mary has to carry those responsibilities alone. Bill’s peers are extremely competitive and the nature of the role allows little collaboration. Additionally, Bill’s boss is extremely aggressive and a micromanager. He and Bill clash constantly and the boss has been very antagonistic and anxious that Bill is “out for his job.” Bill and Mary live in a part of the country where the median wage for a professional is approximately $65,000. Mary and Bill’s dinner-time conversations seem to regularly revolve around how dissatisfied they are with their careers. Evaluate reasons why each seems dissatisfied and recommend how each can work to improve their levels of satisfaction in the workplace. What are their choices if they cannot resolve their concerns? (Points : 45)3. (TCO 5) You are the chair of the newly formed Campus Speaker Committee, a student organization that selects campus speakers. The funding for speakers selected by the committee comes from a wealthy, respected alumnus who wants more controversial speakers to speak to students on campus. The alumnus gave the school a $50,000 endowment earmarked for this purpose. However, his endowment is contingent upon students’ ability to choose speakers without interference from faculty and administration.The Campus Speaker Committee has selected Representative Baker, a Republican member of Congress who is actively involved in a number of controversial political issues and is an alumnus of your college. The board of trustees for the college is thrilled with the choice of a conservative speaker, but many students on campus have given the announcement a lukewarm reception. Three days before the speaker’s scheduled visit, an article in the student newspaper reveals that Representative Baker was a member of a white supremacist group when he was in college. The article reports that the white supremacist group still exists, and it lists the group’s website, which is full of racist statements.Many students and faculty are now denouncing the Campus Speaker Committee for inviting such a person. The trustees and the school’s president downplay the representative’s former involvement in the group and continue to support his speaking on campus. The committee now must meet to decide whether or not to revoke Representative Baker’s invitation to speak on campus.Please respond to each of the following questions:As the chair, consider potential barriers to effective communication and which communication strategies you would recommend to help committee members (a) to minimize the possibility of groupthink; and (b) to reach consensus if not unanimity. Why?Specific conflict management (resolution and stimulation) techniques might help you to negotiate an optimal solution. Why? Discuss.How will you use the “dimensions of conflict handling intentions” to address any conflict that may arise between committee members? Why? (Points : 45)(TCO 4) Congratulations! Your manager just informed you that you’ve been promoted to the team lead role for a multifunctional, virtual team. The stakes are high. The deliverables for this team are essential to the organization’s strategic goals. Most of the team interaction will be online and your charter is to effectively manage the team, keep executive management updated on the status of critical milestones and maintain a high-performing team. Using the team effectiveness model as a foundation, analyze and prioritize one solution from each category of the model (Context, Composition, and Process) that you believe creates the best foundation for your team’s success. Provide your rationale for your recommended solutions. (Points : 45)

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