Media ownership

| December 19, 2015

Media ownership
The airwaves belong to the public. FCC policy dictates that radio and television broadcasters are required to serve the needs of the community where they are located. (Print publications are not subject to this type of regulation). According to former FCC CommissionerJonathan Adelstein in the Sunday, November 5, 2006 San Francisco Chronicle, “the laws that govern the FCC say we are to maximize the diversity of viewpoints to which Americans are exposed. We are not to allow a few media giants to dominate our media landscape.”Read FCC’s Review of the Broadcast Ownership Rules.Yet, in recent years, the FCC has relaxed and attempted to further relax ownership rules, enabling so-called media giants to strengthen. Recently, lawmakers sparred over whether changes were necessary. Several studies suggest that local programming and diversity of viewpoints, in terms of amount and quality, has suffered as a result. Write, in essay form, a brief description and up-to-date history of media ownership rules changes by the FCC. Your well-reasoned, balanced report should include key dates, people, and specifics about any changes, and the arguments supporting and opposing those changes.Then, on the final page (roughly), present your views on what the FCC should or shouldn’t do as it prepares new ownership guidelines. Your argument should include your opinion on whether local, community-oriented content is necessary and/or an obligation of media owners, especially in today’s political and economic climate.You are expected to cite, with sources, established arguments from proponents and opponents. Wikipedia may NOT be used as a source. Remember that your instructor is a longtime Bay Area editor who knows a lot about this topic. He also has a keen eye for recognizing original material, and he knows how to Google with the best of them. He is keenly interested in reading each student’s own work. All papers will be checked with Turn it in, D2L’s plagiarism detector.

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