Mechanics of Writing

| February 25, 2017

Assignment # 1.)

Mechanics of Writing

Writing a research paper is a massive intellectual undertaking. It is, in many ways, similar to sending a ship in outer-space. You must synthesize a lot of information…and do it in stages. Focusing on the mechanics of writing is another way of explaining this process. The following lecture will help you examine some of the mechanics you may need help on. It will also enable you to complete the Unit 5-Introduction Forum.

The Fifth Lecture: Some Advice for WRITING the Rough Draft. This lecture contains 15 points to consider when creating your Rough Draft:

Assignment # 2.) Paper due Sunday, August 14 at 11:55 PM (Required)

Assignment #2 – Officer Joint Case Study

· In this exercise the student is functioning as the Chief of Police.

· To avoid any confusion do NOT use the name of your department on this document. We all work at either the City of Anytown.

· The facts of the case will remain the same (Please refer to page 187 in your textbook).

· The student will write a (2) page APA (not including the title page) document to the law firm of Lacher and Lacher. This firm is representing your organization in the civil suit filed by Joint and the victim’s husband.

In this document, you will identify and analyze the (1) ethical dilemmas you faced in your decision to terminate Officer Joint. In addition, you will (2) evaluate intended and unintended consequences of your actions as the department head, (3) what are some of the Human resource factors (i.e. ADA claims, negligent retention, past practice) that you faced, and (4) analyze the legal defense you ultimately used to substantiate firing Officer Joint.

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