MCQ’S Q1-9 :A crime is defined as:…

| March 14, 2016

1) A crime is defined as:

a wrong committed against society as a whole

a wrong prosecuted by a private attorney

a wrong prohibited by the common law but not by statutory law

a wrong committed only against property

2) Which of the following can be the basis for both a crime and a tort?


invasion of privacy



3) ____________________ provides the basis for criminal intent.

deus ex machina

actus reus

malum in se

mens rea

4) Which of the following is TRUE regarding corporate criminal liability?

it is possible only for privately-owned corporations

it is not possible

it is possible only for torts that are also crimes

it is possible for corporations, just as it is for individuals

5) A person is ordinarily NOT held liable for committing a crime if he:

made a mistake of law

becomes voluntarily intoxicated

suffers from a mental defect that prevents him from appreciating right and wrong

is under the age of 21

6) Ellie owns a diamond ring that she often takes off and places on her desk at work. She is usually careful to put it back on whenever she leaves her desk. One day, she goes to lunch and forgets to put it on. Jack sees the ring, puts it in his pocket and does not return it. Jack has probably committed the crime of:





7) Jerry owns a bicycle shop. Sometimes he puts Forest in charge. One Saturday evening, after Forest left the store, Jerry discovered that he is missing $9,000 from the register. If Forest took the cash, he could be found guilty of the crime of:





8) Arthur is the accountant for a trucking company. One of the drivers, Tyler, holds a gun to Arthur’s head and forces him to falsify records, obtain cash and give it to Tyler. If criminal charges are brought against Arthur, he can assert the defense of:


justifiable use of force

mistake of law


9) Larry gives Senator Beales $100,000 to make sure the government buys all its paper clips from Larry’s company. Larry has:

committed the crime of fraud

committed the crime of bribery

done nothing illegal because this is how interest groups operate

accepted a bribe

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