| October 3, 2018

RESEARCH PAPER TOPIC GUIDELINESComponents:This project consists of three major activities:1. Conduct secondary research (i.e. library, internet, etc)2. Write research paper computing the financial ratios yourself.3. Make presentation to class.Due Date and Time:Papers and presentation are due at the beginning the final class meeting and are to besubmitted via the Week 8 Drop Box.The Project to be addressed by the Paper:You have just graduated from Keiser Universitys MBA program and have secured aposition as a fund manager for a well known investment banking house. You have beengiven $300 million to manage/invest. The fund is a pension/retirement fund so itsperspective is long term with moderate risk of loss of capital and a required return of 9%per annum. In order to reduce the investment risk you are instructed to make 12investments of $25 million dollars each. Your first assignment is to determine if the fundyou are managing should invest $25 million dollars in the stock of the company you haveselected for your first analysis/investment decision. Your decision to invest or not investwill be supported by the research paper and a 12 to15 minute presentation to theExecutive Committee of the Fund (your hardnosed capitalist classmates)Your analysis, based on the concepts covered in this course, will address each of thefollowing:1. Business Strategy Analysis: Develop an understanding of the business andcompetitive strategies of the company. Which of the three generic competitivestrategies does it utilize (low cost provider, differentiation, or focus)? Thisshould be covered in not more than three paragraphs. Do not spend timewriting a history of the company. This is an analysis, not a history lesson.2. Accounting Analysis: Do the accounting practices adopted by the companygenerally reflect an accurate picture of the economic performance of thecompany? Did your research find any public announcements of restatement ofearnings or other financial statements that would indicate that the financialstatements may be of dubious value? This can be done by reviewing thecompany’s 8K filings with the SEC (a mandatory requirement for this paper).These filings can generally be found on the company’s website under InvestorRelations – SEC filings.3. Financial Analysis: Analyze financial ratios and cash flow measures of thecompany relative to its historical performance. For purposes of this researchpaper a 2 year look back is sufficient and required. You must use at least 10 ofthe ratios noted on page 103 of the text including all four of the profitabilityratios.4. Prospective Analysis: Develop forecasted performance measures and list theassumptions associated with your forecast. List your assumptions and reasonsfor your forecast. You may also cite the works of other analysts who havepublished forecasted earnings for the time frame you are addressing. (Hint:take a look at Yahoo/finance – analysts opinion5. Conclusion: Will you or will you not invest $25 million in this particularCompany? Support your conclusion? Remember a negative conclusion is justas valid and valuable as a positive conclusion.Conducting Library Research:1. Participate in a research orientation offered by the graduate librarian.2. Conduct a search for sources that offer accurate information on your company. Aminimum of six legitimate and valid relevant resources are required.Note: An excellent place to start is in Keiser Universitys library LIRN database.Enter LIRN, go to INFOTRAC, in INFOTRAC enter Business and CompanyResource with PROMT and Newsletters. Enter the name of your company.Under your company you will find items such as Historical, InvestmentReports, Financial and other data. You can find Industry Analysis in Standard& Poors. Individual company information may be found in Value Line andMorningstar.Additional information can generally be found on the companys website underInvestor Relations. Here you will find SEC 10-K, 10Q, 8Ks and other filings.You may also wish to visit the website of the Securities and ExchangeCommission (SEC) for filings by your company.3. Avoid general Internet key word searches. Wikipedia and other unauthorizedsources are inappropriate for graduate work. Articles noting up to dateinformation is such sources as The Wall Street Journal, Barrons or BusinessWeek may be useful in addressing the appropriateness of current strategies,resource pricing, etc. given market conditions or the status of competitors.Writing the Paper:The following are general guidelines for format and organization.1. Format:a. Minimum of ten pages (including self prepared exhibits), with numberedpages. No binders please.b. Typed, double spaced.c. New Times Roman (i.e. business) font, 12 point.d. Margins 1.25 inches.e. Include boldface headings and subheadings.f. Note source citations as appropriate under APA guideline.2. Organization:a. Cover page Name of paper, your name, course number and name, datesubmitted.b. Introduction A brief statement of the purpose of the paper andexplanation of its organization. You are welcome to use pseudonyms forthe name of the company or individuals addressed in the paper.c. Analysis -Address four concepts noted in The Paper etc on the precedingpage.d. Summary A brief statement combining the finding arising from theanalysis.e. Conclusion/Recommendations should you invest or not invest the $25million and why or why not.Preparing the PresentationPresents will be made in class during the last day of class. The presentation will besupported by a Power Point slides and will last not less than 12 minutes or more than 15minutes (Executive Committee length).

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