Mather/ The Wonders of the invisible world

| February 4, 2016

Mather/ The Wonders of the invisible world
1. Follow Quiz Rules 2, 3, and 4. The Short Folder is still very important. Quiz and Journal Rules page 2 is still very important for writing the correct entry on the Works Cited page. All journals should be 300-500 words with 2-4 sources only. Journals are shorter than quizzes!
2. Unlike quizzes, journal entries have no individual due date. Every week for three straight weeks they will be assigned when quizzes are. Instead of submitting for a grade every following Tuesday, students can simply send to get feedback with no weekly grade, leading many students to fall behind. “The Journal” (the compilation of journal entries) will not be due until the end of the semester, so students can have time to catch up. As needed, students are allowed and encouraged to send rough drafts of any individual journal entries to see how they would be graded.

quiz rules
2. MLA must be correct. The Short Folder is extremely important to clarify and simply MLA protocol in this class. Always consult the Short Folder. Quiz and Journal Rules also tells you how to write a Works Cited entry for the book you don’t have, which is the PDF (Adobe) document that contains what you must read and write about. Always consult page 2 of this document.
3. No YOUs. No student essays should incorporate “you” and “your” and “yourself” references. Be formal. Don’t talk to the reader with “You” sentences. Substitutions for “you” like “one” and “one’s self” are the same violation. Be formal. Write specifically. Proofread. Then submit.
4. Case Study. Quizzes will not receive “A”s simply for correct grammar, MLA, etc. but for Case Study, which in Eng 231 refers to comparisons – literary, artistic, historical comparisons – to what we are reading. Write about what our readings bring to mind as you read.

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