Math for business and finance

| March 14, 2016

1. What is the future value of an ordinary annuity of $12,000 per year, for three years, at 9% interest compounded annually?

A. $39,337.20 C. $36,000.00

B. $39,240.00 D. $14,442.75

2. Nick has a revolving department store credit card account with an annual percentage rate of 15%. Last month’s balance on the account was $423.78. During the current month, he made purchases totaling $123.42 and made a payment of $100. The store uses the unpaid balance method. According to this information, what must be the amount of the finance charge? Round your answer to the nearest cent.

A. $5.30 C. $6.36

B. $5.59 D. $6.71

3. Using the information provided in Question 2, what is Nick’s current account balance?

A. $380.12 C. $452.50

B. $441.61 D. $453.56

4. On a balance sheet, the accounts of notes payable, salaries payable, and taxes payable would fall under the category of

A. current liabilities. C. current assets.

B. investments and other assets. D. long-term liabilities.

5. A company purchased an air conditioning system for $10,200. The shipping charges on the system were $875, and the setup costs were $1,250. The system is expected to last for five years and has a residual value of $2,000. If you use the straight-line method to calculate the depreciation for this air conditioning system, what would be the annual


A. $2,000 C. $2,065

B. $2,040 D. $2,465

6. Which of the following are the four elements that are included in the total amount of a

mortgage payment?

A. The principal, the interest, the tax, and the insurance

B. The principal, the rate, the time, and the interest

C. The title, the closing costs, the closing statement, and the deed

D. The ARM, the PMI, the VA, and the FHA

7- Imagine that you r the manager ………….. hand on Dec 31? round your answer to the nearest dollar.

A-$3,188 C- 3350

B- $3,219 D- 3600

8- Using the infor……….ear

the answer is B- $5413

9. Which of the following is known as the accounting equation?

A. assets = liability + owner’s equity

B. profit = revenue – total expenses

C. return on investment = net income _ owner’s equity

D. gross profit margin = gross profit _ net sales

10. What would be the monthly payment on a $90,000 mortgage at a rate of 7.5% interest for 30 years?

A. $136.80 C. $630.00

B. $562.50 D. $636.30

11. Wallace and Sarah have decided to purchase furniture for their new home. They have two payment options. The first option is to pay a cash payment of $4,200. The second option is to finance the furniture with a two-year installment loan. The loan requires a 12% down payment and 24 equal monthly payments of $195. According to this information, what would be the finance charge on the loan?

A. $3,696 C. $504

B. $984 D. $175

12. Using the information in Question 11, what is the total deferred payment price of the furniture?

A. $4,200 C. $5,184

B. $4,680 D. $5,664

13. The Patel family recently purchased a home, taking out a mortgage of $235,000 at 8 3/4% for 25 years. The annual property taxes on the home are $6,345, and the annual hazard insurance premium is $1,479. What is the monthly PITI payment of their loan?

A. $2,729.40 C. $1,849.45

B. $2,586.05 D. $652.00

14. How much money must be deposited now, at 6% interest compounded semiannually, to yield an annuity payment of $4,000 at the beginning of each six-month period, for a total of five years? Round your answer to the nearest cent.

A. $38,120.80 C. $31,144.40

B. $35,144.44 D. $29,440.36

15. When you’re preparing an income statement, to calculate gross margin, you must subtract

A. sales discounts and sales returns and

allowances from gross sales.

B. cost of goods sold from net sales.

C. income tax from income before taxes.

D. total operating expenses from net sales.

16 is B- $115,000

17. The method used to calculate depreciation for federal income tax purposes is the

A. sum-of-the-years’ digits method.

B. declining-balance method.

C. units-of-production method.

D. modified accelerated cost recovery system method.

18. What sinking fund payment would be required at the end of each three-month period, at 8% interest compounded quarterly, in order to amount to $20,000 within five years?

A. $1,223.13 C. $823.13

B. $1,156.51 D. $437.04

19. Brenda bought a swimming pool by obtaining an 8% add-on interest installment loan from the bank. The pool cost $2,400, and the bank required a 15% down payment and equal monthly payments for two years. How much is Brenda’s monthly payment?

A. $85.00 C. $98.60

B. $86.36 D. $116.00

20. Shawn bought a home with an adjustable-rate mortgage. The margin on the loan is 2.7%, and the rate cap is 7.2% over the life of the loan. If the current index rate is 4.3%, what is the initial interest rate of the ARM?

A. 7% C. 11.5%

B. 9.9% D. 14.2%

21. Which of the following is the bottom line on the income statement?

A. The gross margin C. The total operating expenses

B. The net sales D. The net income (or loss)

22. A party supplies store recorded net sales of $423,400 for the year. The store’s beginning inventory at retail was $105,850 and its ending inventory at retail was $127,020. What would be the inventory turnover at retail, rounded to the nearest tenth?

A. 1.8 C. 3.6

B. 3.3 D. 4.0

23. Ramon owns a home that was appraised for $132,600. The balance remaining on his existing mortgage is $43,260. Ramon’s credit union is willing to loan an amount up to 70% of the appraised value of a home. Based on this information, what is the maximum potential amount of credit that’s available to Ramon for a home equity loan?

A. $92,820 C. $62,538

B. $89,340 D. $49,560

24. What amortization payments would be required every six months, at 14% interest, to pay off a $35,000 loan within four years? Round your answer to the nearest cent.

A. $7,544.96 C. $5,120.60

B. $5,861.37 D. $3,051.62

25. Cassandra is repaying an installment loan of $3,500 with 20 equal monthly payments of $196 each. What is the annual percentage rate of the loan?

A. 7.55% C. 12%

B. 11.16% D. 13.25%

26. The LaGuardia family’s total living expenses are $63,000 a year. After the death of the insured, the total family income would be $55,000. How much life insurance is required to cover the dependents’ income shortfall, if the prevailing interest rate is 4%?

A. $137,500 C. $200,000

B. $157,500 D. $295,000

27. Last month, Bob took a cruise from Florida to the Bahamas. The cost of his round-trip ticket was $832. The federal excise tax on the cruise was 8%, and Florida has a sales tax rate of 6%. What was the total purchase price of Bob’s ticket?

A. $832.00 C. $898.56

B. $881.92 D. $948.48

28 is D- 2,000

29. A company declared a dividend of $2,200,000. The company has 55,000 shares of

common stock outstanding. What are the dividends per share of common stock?

A. $0.40 per share C. $40 per share

B. $4 per share D. $400 per share

30. A mutual fund has total assets of $57,000,000 and liabilities of $8,550,000. If 15,960,000 shares are outstanding, what is the net asset value of the fund?

A. $1.30 per share C. $3.28 per share

B. $3.04 per share D. $4.80 per share

31 is A- Jan

32 is C- 11.0 gallons

33. Sam bought a stereo for a total of $676.24, including state sales tax. The state sales tax rate is 7%. What was the total amount of sales tax on the stereo?

A. $632.00 C. $47.34

B. $85.59 D. $44.24

34. The Shawnee Company paid a dividend of $0.42 per share last year. If the current selling price of the stock is $27.38, what is the current yield on the stock?

A. 0.7% C. 1.7%

B. 1.5% D. 6.5%

35 is D- 2,112

36. When discussing stocks, the term proceeds refers to

A. the fee the stockbroker charges to assist with the sale or purchase of stocks.

B. the amount an investor is earning on a stock as compared with other investments.

C. stocks that don’t have a par value.

D. the amount of money an investor receives after selling a stock.

37. A street vendor recorded the following hot dog sales for the week: 100 on Monday, 87 on Tuesday, 95 on Wednesday, 125 on Thursday, 210 on Friday, 250 on Saturday, and 57 on Sunday. What is the mean sales per day?

A. 210 C. 132

B. 185 D. 57

38. What is the purchase price of fifteen Columbia Corporation bonds with a coupon rate of 73/4 and a current market price of 98? The commission charge is $8 per bond. The date of the transaction is March 1, and the bond pays interest on November 1 and May 1.

A. $15,207.45 C. $12,811.33

B. $13,206.50 D. $1,013.83

39. A property insurance policy has an annual premium of $780. What is the regular refund if the policy is canceled by the insurance company after five months?

A. $455.00 C. $156.00

B. $325.00 D. $111.43

40. What is the total amount of tax due on a property with an assessed value of $315,200? The property tax rate is 53.7 mills.

A. $169,262.40 C. $5,869.65

B. $16,926.24 D. $315.00

41. Determine the median of the following numbers: 25, 28, 22, 27, 25, 20, 30, 23, 27, and 29.

A. 25 C. 27

B. 26 D. 28

42. Leona purchased 1,200 shares of the Lakeview Mutual Fund at an offer price of $4.20 per share. She later sold the shares at a net asset value of $4.95 per share. During the time Leona owned the shares, Lakeview paid a dividend of $0.42 per share. What is her return on investment?

A. 27.9% C. 10.7%

B. 17.9% D. 3.6%

43. Which of the following is a type of vehicle insurance that covers damage sustained by the insured’s vehicle in an accident?

A. Collision C. Comprehensive

B. Liability D. Deductible

44. Martha Stevens has a tax liability of $6,420 and owes additional taxes amounting to $235. She is entitled to one tax credit of $374 and another credit of $563. If her employer withholds $260 every two weeks from her pay, Martha will

A. receive a refund of $340.

B. receive a refund of $1,042.

C. owe taxes amounting to $340.

D. owe taxes amounting to $1,042.

45. Find the range of the following set of numbers: 247, 562, 498, 149, 568, 327, and 470.

A. 498 C. 419

B. 470 D. 403

46. A life insurance policy that pays whether the policyholder lives or dies is called

A. premium insurance. C. term insurance.

B. face value insurance. D. permanent insurance.

47. A frequency distribution is obtained by

A. listing the values in sets of data individually.

B. taking the difference between the highest and the lowest value in each set of data.

C. summing the values of a set of data and dividing by the number of values in the set.

D. dividing a set of data into equal-size classes.

48. When a bond is selling for more than its par value, it is selling at a

A. coupon rate. C. discount.

B. premium. D. debenture.

49. Find the mode of the following list of prices: $1.67, $1.29, $0.79, $1.29, $0.89, $0.89,

$0.79, $1.67, $0.79, $0.57, and $0.79.

A. $0.57 C. $0.89

B. $0.79 D. $1.67

50. If you buy eight bottles of soda that cost $1.29 each and the sales tax rate is 6%, what will be the total amount of your purchase? Round your answer to the nearest cent.

A. $9.71 C. $10.94

B. $10.32 D. $16.32

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