math assignment

| August 30, 2017

Here are the questions:

1) Solve the equation: 2x/3-5x/4=28/12

2) Jason wins $600,000 (after taxes) in the lottery and decides to invest it in a 5-year CD that pays 3% interest compounded quarterly. How much money will the CD be worth after the 5-year period? Show all of your work.

3) Two friends standing back-to-back on the sidewalk start walking away from each other at constant speeds of 2.5 miles/hour and 3.5 miles/hour, respectively. How long will it take them to be 1 mile apart from each other? (Include the units in your answer and show all of your work).

4) The length of three sides of a triangle are consecutive odd integers and the perimeter of the triangle is 111 inches. Find the length of each of the three sides. (Include the units in your answer and show all of your work).

5) In a room containing 45 students there are twice as many girls as there are boys. How many girls and how many boys are in the room? (Show the algebra).

6) Given the points (-2, 1) and (3, -4):

a) Find the slope of the line through the points.

b) Write an equation in point-slope form of the line through the points.

c) Write the equation in slope-intercept form.

d) Convert the equation to standard form.

e) Graph the equation. You may use the axes provided, or create your own graph.

7) Solve the inequality. Write your answer in interval notation and graph the solution set on a number line: 3?5x-7<23

8) Evaluate 3x^2-7x-4 when:

a) x=-1

b) x=3

9) Write the following numbers in standard notation without exponents

a) (3 pts) 5.212×?10?^4

b) (3 pts) 1.013×?10?^(-5)

10) Write the following numbers in scientific notation

a) 201,324,000,000

b) 0.000518

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