Math 110 Homework #5 Graphs and Graphing Latest 2015

| August 30, 2017

Homework #5 Graphs and Graphing

Review Making and Interpreting Graph, Graph Descriptions, and Bad Graphs lecture notes before doing this assignment

1. Open the Data for HW 5 file. For each of the three data sets (see the tabs at the bottom of the file), make an appropriate graph of the data. Make any adjustments to the graph that will improve it. Copy and paste the graphs here. For each graph, write a few sentences describing, interpreting, and analyzing the graph and the data. For each, do at least one calculation to “quantify” a change or comparison. For example, calculate a ratio of two values or the absolute difference or a percent change. Include this calculation in your graph description. [4 points each]

2. Open the US Deaths file.

a. Make an appropriate graph of the 2005 data that shows what percent of all deaths resulted from each cause listed. Copy and paste graph here. Write a thorough description of the graph. [4 pts]

b. Calculate either the percent change from 1999 to 2005 in the number of deaths from each cause. Make an appropriate graph of the percent changes. (It may look a bit different since some of the percent changes may be negative). Write a thorough description of the graph. [4 pts]

3. Open the file MV Fatality Rates. Examine the data carefully.

a. The following graph was made from the data in this file. Explain why a pie graph is not the appropriate type of graph for this data set. [2 pts]

b. Make a graph of the data that is appropriate and paste it here. Then write a thorough description of the graph. [4 pts]

4. Read the New York Times article “″>In Climbing Income Ladder, Location Matters.” (CTRL and click link or copy and paste link below)

a. Write a paragraph summarizing the article. What is the author’s point and purpose for writing the article? [2 pts]

b. Explain how the maps and the graph contribute to the article. What do the maps and the graphs show about income mobility in the country? Describe any geographical trends. [2 pts]

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