Marketing Plan and Recommendation for Krispy Kreme in Israel – MUST BE PROFICIENT IN ENGLISH AND NOT REPETITIVE

| April 8, 2018

Based on your Market Entry Analysis assignment and unit readings, develop a high-level marketing plan. The marketing plan should focus on the product, product line, or service that was the focus of your Market Entry Analysis in Unit 4, and should include:Description and analysis of the target market.Assessment of consumer behavior issues relevant to the product or service.Product augmentations if needed, such as packaging and other considerations.Strategic marketing components, including:Distribution.Pricing.Promotion strategies.The first four sections above should be 3–4 pages in length. The fifth and final section is a 2–3 page comprehensive strategic marketing recommendation directed at your company’s upper management:Recommendation for action, based on an analysis of all project work.In this final section of your paper, make a recommendation for action, based on an analysis of all project work, to enter (or not to enter) the market you have been researching, providing ample justification. The recommendation should synthesize your project work, be well-organized, and present a strong case for the next steps of your company or product. You may wish to present a recommendation not to move into your selected country—just explain and support your position either way. Be succinct, but provide enough detail for upper management to see the overall plan. (A media schedule or detail beyond strategies and general tactics are not necessary.) You may include additional presentation elements that help you make a persuasive case to the decision makers. In all cases, use an appropriate, business-oriented layout and design.The course project is focused on reviewing opportunity, fit, and other components, but does not include a full financial analysis of the possible opportunity. Thus, you will need to pare down your information to consider the needs of the upper-level decision makers who are your audience.Your total paper should be 5–7 pages in length and include proper APA citations and references.

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