Marketing Plan

| February 5, 2016

Marketing Plan
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Instructions from the Professor:
1. Title Page a. the name of the product/ brand for which the mktg plan has been prepared b. the time period for which the plan is designed (e.g., 2011-2013) c. the persons and positions of those submitting the plan d. the date of submission of the plan 2. Executive Summary a. One- to three-page summary of the entire plan (include a brief introduction, the major aspects of the plan, and a budget statement) 3. Table of Contents 4. Introduction a. Highlights of the brand’s historical and recent operations. It is useful to prepare graphs of the brand’s performance that show its sales. I 5. Situation Analysis a. SWOT (environmental conditions such as economic, social, political, legal, or cooperate environments) b. Industry analysis c. Customer analysis d. Company analysis+ Competitive analysis +Core competency and sustainable competitive advantage of your business (brand/product) 6. Strategic Focus and Plan a. Mission b. Goals and Marketing objectives 7. Market-Product Focus a. Segmentation b. Target markets c. Points of difference and positioning 8. Marketing Program a. Product strategy b. Price strategy c. Promotion strategy d. Place strategy 9. Financial Data and Projections a. Historical sales revenues b. Financial projections 10. Implementation Plan, Evaluate and Control a. Plan to implement the strategies b. Plan to evaluate and control the strategies

Develop an application and a website that is similar to (PostMates App). The App is service app which offers delivery service from restaurants that do not offer delivery service, grocery shopping, and courier service within the city areas. It’s similar to the idea of Uber where normal people would use their personal vehicles to drive people around; except we are going to have people work for us to deliver food, grocery, and packages for an added fees (Cost-Plus).

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