MARKETING-Marketing channels. To the best of your ability

| January 31, 2017

Hello Param, I need to write about wells fargo bank. You will be using imagination here and can use google and wells fargo bank website to answer below questions. Make sure to not copy paste the answer from anywhere.

There are four parts for this 2 page Paper.

1. Marketing channels. To the best of your ability, outline the marketing channels of Wells Fargoservice offering as they currently exist. Refer to Figure 6.2 for some ideas. Most product and service offerings will have more than one channel, so your system should include at least two, for example (1) a direct channel for internet sales: manufacturer –> customer; and (2) an indirect channel such as manufacturer –> distributor –> wholesaler –> retailer –> customer. If your product or service only has only a direct channel, explain why. Would this channel strategy change as a result of your new target market? Why or why not?

2.Marketing channel strategy. Why type of distribution intensity strategy does wells fargo bank currently use? How do you know this? Would this distribution intensity strategy change for your new target market? Why or why not?

3. Value chain. Referring back to your marketing channel diagram, discuss what each member of the value chain does to bring value to the consumer.

4.Pricing strategy. Referring to the various pricing strategies outlined in the week’s readings, which one does wells fargo r service currently use. Would you recommend any changes for your new target market? If so, how would you change it and why?

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